Ahmed Aljibouri Bio

Ahmed aljibouri

Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri, an Iraqi businessman and investor and the Founder of Armada Group, was born in Baghdad, Iraq (1974), , where he attended Baghdad College; one of the top secondary schools in Iraq. He then went on to receive his BSc and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Baghdad. Later on, Al-Jibouri proudly obtained his PhD from the USA.. Al-Jibouri has an experience of over 18 years in the petroleum and oil & gas derivatives industry, and runs his companies across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Personal Life & Family

Born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq, Al-Jibouri spent his childhood living with his family, loving and well-educated parents, who provided him with plenty of support and encouragement in pursuing his dreams and achieving his goals till date. Despite having large family, Al Jibouri has been successful in maintaining strong ties with all family members. After being a father himself, Al-Jibouri is still playing a great role taking care of his own family where he invests in his children the same way his family did to him. In his spare time, Al-Jibouri enjoys reading and exercising as his outlets.

Business Career

Starting his career in chemical engineering and chemical supply, Al-Jibouri has always been passionate about this field; especially since oil is considered to be Iraq’s wealthiest natural resource. In 1998, Al-Jibouri started off his career by representing CHIMEC SPA in Iraq, to supply all types of chemicals for the oil and gas industry. This included upstream and downstream processes, with intensive practical and theoretical expertise from the global chemical industries; as well as having a significant share in the Iraqi market back then.

Al-Jibouri then established the first blending unit in the year 2000. The unit was specialized in producing products from Iraq’s raw materials, and this was a joint venture with the Iraqi government by partnering with the Ministry of Oil. This was a successful project despite Iraq being under siege at the time. Afterwards, the company began offering services for oil fields, with the help of international expertise.  

Al-Jibouri then went on to establish his own leading international engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) Consultancy Company – Armada Group – in 2005 in Iraq and then moved to Jordan in 2010. The company is specialized in the fields of oil, chemicals and energy. The company partnered with the Italian company (Chemic) and Al-Jibouri proudly represented Chemic in Iraq during the early years of his career, up until 2016.  

Armada Group specializes in construction and execution of very significant projects that are licensed by UOP - a multi-national company that develops and delivers technology to the petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical production and major manufacturing industries, including:


  • Isomerization Unit in Iraq for MRC (Midland Refineries Company): This project provides high octane gasoline, which is not available in Iraq, using the highest technology in the field and under license from UOP International. It is worth mentioning that this project helped save the cost of buying gasoline from abroad by 70%.
  • In-Line Lube Oil Blending Unit for MRC: It is worth mentioning that this EPC state-of-the-art plant project was completed in 2017 with the highest technology in engine oil production available in Iraq’s domestic market. 
  • The Cooling Tower Project in Iraq for MRC is currently in the works, that is located in the Midland Refinery at Daura – Iraq, with a production capacity of 10,000 m3/hour of cooled and clarified water. The project focuses on reducing the river water temperature providing sufficient cooling for the refinery usage.


In order to maintain a high-level efficiency and productivity within the company, Al-Jibouri employed fresh engineering graduates who graduated with high grades and trained them under the supervision of the group’s highly experience consultants, to set a solid foundation for them and prepare them for future. This in turn created opportunities for the Iraqi youth.


Al-Jibouri established OPPL (Oil Co for Storage of Petroleum, Products, and Logistics) in 2019, which is a facility dedicated to crude oil and oil products, whereas API, NFPA, and other international standards and codes are applied in Engineering, procurement, construction, and operation. The first project of this company is Aqaba Storage Terminal, which is one of Al-Jibouri’s major projects, as he signed the most strategic and exclusive agreement in Jordan’s history with Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) (which is known to be the central development arm of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA)). This agreement has been conducted with an aim to establish the Aqaba Storage Terminal for Crude Oil & Petroleum Derivatives, an exclusive terminal that will be the first of its kind in Jordan and the region. The Oil Petroleum Products Storage & Logistics Company (PSC) (OPPL) will handle the project’s execution to establish and develop specialized tanks for crude oil and oil derivatives that are key for storage, as well as import and export transactions. The company will also provide logistic and handling services, with a cost that will amount up to 100 million US Dollars. 


This project is seen to be a quantum leap that will put Jordan on the map for crude and oil derivatives trading. Aqaba Storage Terminal will be a focal point that facilitates all import and export oil tractions for all countries in the Gulf, Africa & the Mediterranean, due to its premium location. Additionally, the Aqaba Storage Terminal would be considered as a platform that stores crude oil in a safe and stable environment that will improve and boost the economy on local and regional levels.


Companies that he owns: 


  • Armada – 2000 
  • OPPL – 2019