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Aside from his profit-making empire, Dr. Al-Jibouri has his own vision and goals toward improving and empowering the lives of others, as he has significant insight on how to build trouble-free and developed communities.

His vision sheds light on the importance of investing in innovational trends with a wide focus on youth empowerment, which is in other words known as ‘entrepreneurship’, and is mainly spread among the younger generation.

Coming from a country that has drastically suffered as a result of war and political conflicts, Dr. Al-Jibouri is determined to provide individuals – particularly youth – with everlasting hope; especially for people who have endured harsh lives due to wars and other epidemics.

One of his milestones is working on gathering a kaleidoscope of ideas, concepts and approaches to empower and build capability for people who are especially at a young age. Consequently, the Ahmed Al-Jibouri Foundation was established.


It is a 50 million USD challenge fund providing grants to businesses and research institutions to scale innovations based on quality, value for money and sustainability of services in various clusters, including: education, health, water and sanitation, advanced technology and robotics, artificial intelligence, and community pay-back; with a special focus on under-privileged, war-victim communities.

The foundation’s initial milestone is to deliver basic human development services, as well as enhance the evidence-base and innovation ecosystem.

This allows the fast assessment, funding and growing of open-source solutions that can improve peoples’ lives. The foundation supports individuals who show a strong founding team and a clear path towards improving our future.


Until this day, an amount of 15 million USD was invested in Jordan, Iraq, and the UAE with a focus on investing in more start-ups during 2018 in an attempt to widen the foundation’s umbrella and achieve greater geographical coverage.

The foundation assists in supporting underprivileged families through creating a productive projects and adopting the young generations’ ideas, with focus on education and the development of societies.

We are open to all ideas no matter how simple they may seem, as we believe in the saying: “Great innovations come from the simplest ideas.”


Innovation Cluster
Establishing entrepreneurship entities where financial seed funds and logistics are provided to applicants (Ythinkers). The main interest here is education development, high-tech solutions and renewable energy.

Establishing an incubation center dedicated to environmentally friendly projects, and the integration with artificial intelligence and machine learning (Tashjee).

Community Pay-Back Cluster
Ramadan campaigns: Handing over 15,000 packs to families in need.

Financial support for orphans and widows.

Medical treatment for candidates in need.

KHCC donations include payments, gifts and building maintenance.

A dedicated department at the Ahmed Al-Jibouri Foundation that accepts cases for families in need.

Zaka payments: Calculated by an official member of Dar Al Ifta’a – Jordan, and handed to properly selected cases by the foundation.

Scholarships and Capacity Building Cluster
Providing yearly and on-going budgets for selected candidates.

Covering tuition fees and monthly pocket-money.

Providing business counseling sessions to candidates.

Assisting in securing job opportunities for fresh graduates.