Signing one of the most strategic and exclusive agreements in Jordan with Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC), it is Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri’s aim to be part of the establishment of the Aqaba Storage Terminal for Crude Oil & Petroleum Derivatives, an exclusive terminal that will be the first of its kind in the region.

Author: احمد طالب الجبوريA self-made Iraqi businessman and investor. Dr. Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Armada Group. His ambitious vision for a sustainable Iraq started with his journey in establishing a multi-national Group. Born in 1974 in Baghdad, Iraq, Dr. Ahmed attended Baghdad College; one of the top secondary schools in Iraq. He later obtained his BSc and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Baghdad. Continuing his educational journey, he proudly obtained his PhD from the USA. His overall experience in the business world is over 20 years; during which he ventured into various business sectors including Banking, IT, Real-estate, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Logistics. With the spread of his companies across Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America.